Groom Your Dog

The way you take care of your pet is very vital. There are several steps involved in taking good care of your dog. You need to be very careful on every step so that your dog can enjoy it. Some of the common steps undertaken are :

Bathing – Dogs love to play & your dog could get dirty very quickly while playing. Apart from your dog getting dirty it could also get parasites on it like ticks and fleas. And if your kids play with the dogs then it could cause more trouble. So give your dog a bath at least once in a month. Few dogs might not like taking baths and might run away when they see the bath tub. In such cases try taking a wet towel and wipe your dog with it. One other thing that you could try is, you could get your dog to play with. For instance use a water hose, sprinkle water over him or get your dog to chase the water coming out of the hose and once it gets used to water, you will not have too much trouble giving your dog a bath.

Dog Grooming

Brushing – You need to maintain your dogs coat in a good condition. You could do this easily by brushing your dog’s coat regularly. Brushing the fur everyday is also good, but make sure that your dog does not get restless, ensure that your dog is comfortable. The best way to do this is by brushing it fur slowly and gently. May be even start off with only a few minutes the first day and increase the time slowly. And eventually your dog will get to like it. While brushing you could even check for any ticks, mites or even check if your dog has got some kind of skin allergy too.

Maintaining Nails and Teeth – Taking care of your pet’s nails and teeth is also very important. Most of us do not notice or even check our pet’s nails or teeth. You need to make sure that your pet’s nails don’t overgrow. If you ignore it then overgrown nails could cause problems to your dog like swelling or sore toes. Your dog could even break its nail causing injuries. Dogs could get cavities, lose teeth or get bleeding gums too. So always keep a check on your dog’s dental health and also trim its nail if it is over grown.

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